Girlfriend and I broke up?

Girlfriend and I broke up last night, Were both 15, anyway we been dating for two months, it was going good but we had a argument trough texting and it was bigger then it should have been, Anyway I love her and want her back. What do I do to get her back, Contact her soon as possible or do No Contact rule? if so how long Im scared if I await she will find someone else.


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  • 1) what was the argument over 2) who broke up with who

    • We both agreed to break up, How we wasn't a real couple, didn't hang out etc

    • well maybe you should have suggested that you hang out more, and make more effort to hang out with her, your only 15

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  • YOU'RE 15... Let that sink in... Now, you'll have a lot of other girls, you didn't do anything sexual with her it was just you're first legit girlfriend that's all it was nothing to sit there crying about you'll be fine buddy I felt the same when my first girl broke up with me.