What can I talk about with a girl I like?

okay so recently, my gf broke up with me and its been hard because i spent the best days of my life with her and those memories will never go away. I go to a private college in london and the girls are not my type at all... mostly indian or arab/muslim girls, so i never really thought something would happen in terms of relationship until i recently saw this incredibly beautiful and gorgous girl that goes to my college. I had never seen her before and she isn't in my year, (year bellow) she's my age and is single, im crazy and always talk about the most random stuff all the time with anyone except when i like a girl, in this case i do, and i just have no idea where to start, what do i tell her, im really shy and stress a lot. Girls, if a guy in your school, goodlooking and smart liked you, what would you like him to say to you when you talk for the first time? talk about school straight away or something else? curious to know

thanks for all the help, it really does help me, but also, my college is really small and everyone knows where the stores are to eat and all, and she's always with her friends when i see her or walking up the stairs around loads of other people to go to class


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  • To break the ice you can go up her and and her a question ex: directions, local good eater, just something. From there you can ask her more personal questions such as her major, how she likes the school, etc. Once she smiles (which she will) you can throw in a compliment of how attractive her smile is and at that moment you can initiate a possible date. Be up front. What girl doesn't enjoy a compliment! On the date you can ask her about anything. The type of music she likes, what does she do on her free time, hobbies, interest, throw in a compliment her and there. You'll get a sense of who she is and if you guys are compatible. Go for it and good luck.

    • If your college is small, I would say just go for it. If you happen to know a mutual friend that would be great. If not, just approach her and ask her out. You approaching her in front of her friends is a big of enough compliment. I know it will not be easy but try to approach when she is around one or two friends. You got this :)


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  • Talk about whatever you would normally talk about. That's always the best way to do it. You just talk naturally. If you create some weird persona to use when you're around her, you aren't gonna keep that persona 100% of the time. So you might as well be yourself, and if she doesn't like that, so be it.

  • Since you're in college, ask her what clubs she's part of! Or, if you see her wearing club related gear, ask her about said club. You could also ask about her major.

  • Ask her if her farts smell like bacon