I don't know if I will ever be good enough?

Me and this guy met in Nov. We were going on dates, and we had sex. He just he got out of a 7 year relationship a month before. In the beginning he even said "but I'd like to be with you aside from the sex is what you fail to realize" He even said it would be nice to have a girlfriend but he is looking for someone to settle down with. He texted me every day, told me he likes me a lot. We would hang out without having sex. He talked about meeting parents and maybe taking me to his best friend's wedding in May. He always holds my hand. When I was studying at Starbucks one night he came out to see me, no sex. one day he was acting distant and I went crazy texting him 50 times. he told me he was done. we went a week without talking and then we grabbed lunch. he paid, and we didn't have sex. The next day I invited him to my new years eve party, and he declined. he then told me he's not looking for a relationship. I asked him if there were feelings and he said "I did have feelings" and he said "Idk what I want and I dont want to lead you on." Then I asked if this was my fault and he said "it definitely isn't you" Then we ended up talking about meeting up to have sex and hang out 4 weeks ago. Before we met up he seemed hesitant and told me that he doesn’t want me throwing this in his face that all he wanted from me was sex. He also told me he doesn’t want me thinking this is anything more than what it is. We ended up meeting up to have sex and then we went to lunch. During lunch he said “you’re the best." The next day I asked him if he wanted to meet up to have sex and he said "can't have class" then I said "when can you" he said "idk shay" then I asked if he still wanted to have sex in general, and he didn't answer. I apologized for asking and he said "it's ok babe." it's been 4 weeks, haven't heard from him or seen him.

Was I just sex to him?
Did he actually have feelings for me?


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  • I don't think you are just sex to him as a start but just be reasonable here the guy is out of a seven years relation and I assume that he was the hurted one in it so he must be destroyed both mentally and emotionally and of course he misses his Ex and builds hie self - confidence and definitly can't see what he really wants now so he is trying not to get you in this mess and I think you shouldn't cauze it will only get worse for you


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  • People always feel like this when they break up with someone inconsistent, they don't know where they stand. You're not the first and you certainly won't be the last. You most definitely will be good enough, you are already too good for some!


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  • Don't think you're not good enough. This definitely wasn't your fault. What it seems like is that you were some type of rebound and he was telling you those things to convince himself that he was ready to move on past his 7 year relationship, when in reality, he wasn't. He may not have purposely led you on, but at the end, he did. He may have cared for you, but it seems that he's still not ready for a new relationship, as he's still moving on past his last. I hope this helps you feel better, don't feel bad, I've been in a similar situation. You will find someone who will appreciate you.