What kind Of Kisses Do You like?

I always wonder do people like long kisses? Short pecks on the cheek, or lots of tongue.


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  • It depends. I like then all and they all have their right and wrong times for each. If myself or the girl I am kissing is in a rush to get out the door for work or something like that then a quick fast kiss is good as long as I am getting a kiss.

    If either of us is just walking in the door from work then I LOVE LOVE, LOVE the Longer, more passionate kisses, maybe with some tongue tossed into the mix. You know those kisses that will show then what they are in for later when it's time to play.......lol

    What I am trying to say is that I like all types of kisses and the situation is what makes each type of kiss more special to me when they are coming from my Girl.


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  • Everybody has a different preference, me I like tongue but I usually improvise with long kisses to the neck and of course with her lips

  • Kissing on the neck!


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