Why do my less attractive friends always get more boyfriends?

Before you call me a bitch or tell me I am conceited I am not. I am not saying that my friends are ugly. They aren't.

I have a bunch of friends (and myself included) who not only look good but we have been blessed with a nice butt and boobs too and are pretty educated (were all trying to get into med school and put our education first). We have a nice face, get hit on all the time at bars (guys buy us drinks all the time) and we do not dress slutty or anything either or sleep around.. But we barely get guys approaching us in ur day to day lives.

My less attractive friends who don't cook for their boyfriends, are super messy, don't care about make up etc seem to always have boyfriends so why?


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  • Attractiveness is very subjective. Your "less attractive friends" probably seem perfect to those other dudes.

    • I am not denying that they look pretty to the guys who are their boyfriends. Obviously if the guy is their boyfriend he thinks the girl is attractive. You're completely missing the point of my question which is how do they manage to get boyfriends all the time? I know I am attractive I have guys asking me out all the time and like I said buying me drinks etc (but it's usually in a club setting) and otherwise i just have men staring at me and not approaching me in class or anything.

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    • My guy friends all told me they were intimidated by me at first, I am a nice person but yeah like I am picky.

    • Makes sense. As a pretty regular dude, I'd rather go any day for the cute, more easy going girl than the "hot" one who has bigger boobs or something but is picker and more intimidating.


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  • This is a copy/paste of mine

    Because what ugly people lack in LOOKS they usually try to make up for in PERSONALITY. most of them realise "hey I'm not the greatest looking so maybe I should become a better person overall" think about it "not to often do you see someone who is UGLY and MEAN" nuh-uh it don't work that way LOLOLOL because they already know people aren't going to put up with that crap "sorry that's just the way it is" so usually 2 ugly people get together make babies

    • Because they have lower standards + they more fun to be around I'm guessing LOL

  • Because makeup doesn't actually make you look more attractive.

    Also, it helps if the guy you're interested in actually knows somewhat that you are interested in them. Guys don't make moves unless they see that there is a chance of "success", after all.

  • maybe you care about make-up that much?

  • you're an idiot. you're probably ugly and ass + boobs dont matter when you're ugly if you want a good looking guy

  • Beauty is subjective, perhaps you're not as pretty as you think.


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