Success Stories With Online Dating, And Most Succesful Online Dating Sites People Have Used/Experience?

Success Stories With Online Dating, And Most Succesful Online Dating Sites People Have Used/Experience?

Share your story, your loved one, married one, how you meet, which site. must be online only.
even if it ended eventually

be good to here it all :)

i have been trying tinder and oasis active and Okcupid and Blendr and when tinder first come out i did extremely well for sex only.
Blendr same sex only
Okcupid really nice people that dont just want sex but not as easy to organise catch ups and Oasis is more about finding the right one so also extremely hard.

and people just dont wanna meet these days they play the whole stranger danger card. but how do you get to know someone if you dont meet them. ?


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  • Actually, I met my current gf on here. She messaged me and we just hit it off super well and things kinda took off from there. I love her more than anything. @BlueMoon2468

    • I love you too ♡

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    • i must say im very happy for both of you :) and i wish you all the best. maybe i might have luck on GAG

    • Thank you sir! Good luck to you as well. As long as you love someone, distance doesn't really matter a whole lot, only a little. :)


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  • I met my boyfriend on POF been together 7 months now :)


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  • PoF and OKCupid were huge wastes of time for me. I met my fiancee on a Catholic dating site (it had a subscription).

    I did meet a really nice lady on OKCupid, but one of her answers was that she was very hesitant to meet someone in person, and eventually it fizzled out.

    • Can i ask which Catholic dating site this was and are you Catholic? Church etc...

    • Yes, we are both Catholic. It was Catholic Match. Definitely not a site for hookups, though. The people there are looking for serious relationships leading to marriage.

    • thats good because i have no problem getting sex!

  • I was on pof for a while. Went on a couple of dates but they led nowhere. Too many flakes on there.

    • too many fakes? is that was you was trying to say... yeah i know what you mean and bots and nowdays people expect way too much even sometimes more then what they are... or themselves if you get me!

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    • there you go, you learn something every day. Urban Dictionary is really good.

      here is some for you if you didn't know them already.


    • and a new one. Gangers ;)