When do I call her?

OK, so I successfully approached a girl and got her number. We have plans to go out later this week, pending our individual schedules.

Do I call her later tonight or sometime tomorrow. I am unsure, I will see her in school tomorrow, and thus I think I should call her tonight, however, I do not wish to come across as an overly needy loser.

A predicament.


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  • Well if she sounded excited at the prospect of going on the date, call her tonight! But if she seemed a little nonchalant about it, make her sweat and wait till tomorrow!


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  • Don't stress it, She gave you the number that's the hard part. If she wasn't into you she would of never done that or told you she has a boyfriend! Be confident! Women Love that!!! Play it cool, call her after class and ask her about something relating to class. Tell her you forgot to write down the homework or something. Or wait till tomorrow and call and ask.

  • When did you get her number? If you got it today then I'd suggest leaving it for today or you can speak to her in school tomorrow anyway. Or text

  • Call her after tomorrow, so you won't come out as a desperate munchkin. If you have her mobile number you could send her an sms tonight that's the best you can do. For now that is.


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