When it's official?

This guy & I have been talking/flirting since back in September. We hung out once in November, but aside from that- I use to make plans with him and bail allllll the time. He got really upset but was still sorta persistent...

As of today, I've apologized & explained to him the unfortunate things that were going on in my life. He says he forgives me. We've been hanging out for 3 weeks now- I've slept at his house & he's slept at mine...

My question is: when is it "official"? Valentine's day is coming up this weekend and I'm really tempted to ask him if/when we hang out on that day what we are...


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  • Who cares? Just hang out.


What Girls Said 1

  • Umm i guess its official when u say the love word. And thats just me. Flirting and fooling around is not enough unless u are vocal about it. I know a guy who was fooling around with a gal friend of mine and when she asked what they were gonna do on the V day, he said why would u ask as he has plans with his "official girlfriend" on that day.