Why does she keep lying to me?

I guess this is the asking out part before dating. I'm trying to get my friend, whom I've known for 6 years to start dating me. She broke up with her boyfriend over a month ago. That's gotta be more than enough time for anyone to get over an EX. So why does she keep lying to me that she just isn't ready for a new relationship?

Thanks for the help mostly, I'm paranoid so I tried to make this click bait and myself out to be a desperate fool. Basically to reassure my non-paranoid thoughts, that I'm being an idiot. As pathetic as it is, I've only ever had eyes for her so casual is the last thing I want with her. Thanks for the help, she's really patient and listens to any of this stupid bul that runs through my head but I can't get myself to bother her with every little detail.


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  • She isn't lying. It's four weeks, just thirty days... Would you want her to her over you that quick?


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  • I don't think she's lying. Some healing takes longer than others. If you've known her for a while you should respect what she's saying, because a friendship as long as yours has got to count for something. Be there for her and she'll know that you care as much as you need to. Then when she's ready you'll know.

  • Because she doesn't wanna get with you maybe. You're her friend and have been for 6 years now. Maybe she finds it weird.

    • Why else would she snap me a picture of her boobs then?

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    • That's dumb she's been flaking on everything i ask her to do for the past 6 months

    • Ask her then. Maybe she's just one of these who don't know what they want..

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  • Wow, you're being really judgmental here! Some people can get over a breakup in one day, and some require years.

    This is NOT the way to go about it. If she says she isn't ready for a relationship, respect her views instead of being a jerk about it. If you can't wait, then find another girl who is willing to date you immediately.

  • Depending on the relationship it can take monthS (or longer) to get to a point of thinking about another relationship.

    • Well I guess she was with him for a year, maybe give her another week?

    • Dude you sound desperate. You have to think about how much she may have cared for this person. Most chicks now will tell you if they want you. As far as the boob picture goes, she probably just wanted to have casual sex. But seriously back off her, otherwise if she is interested in you, you are only screwing your chance.