I have never had a boyfriend?

I am 18 and I have never had a boyfriend or kissed anyone and obviously I am a virgin. I just want a boyfriend so bad. I do try my best to be friendly and meet people but it doesn't happen. Something always goes wrong either they like someone else or they have a girlfriend or I don't have feelings for the ones that like me. I am attractive so that is not why it happens, I am also nice, a good friend, smart and I try to be as good as I can to others. I don't understand why it doesn't happen to me. If I meet a guy and I feel that there is something there between us I won't hasitate to make a move. But is doen't happen to me in order to make a move. I want to try but I haven't met someone. It worries me very much and it makes me feel rejected and it hurts. I am not the kind of girl that wants all the attention to her, I just want one boy, nothing else. I need human contact, to feel that someone returns my feelings. I can't wait anymore, I feel really lonely...


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  • I feel the same way. I want a girlfriend really bad and I feel myself going out of my way to make it happen.

    My advice, let it happen. Every relationship I've ever had just "happened", I saint go our of my way get a girls attention. If you force it, you may not like the product you get. Live your life and a good guy will come around guaranteed

    • Thanks! I will do my own thing and it will just "happen" :)


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  • I don't have a girlfriend either, never had one or even kiss a girl, and I am still a virgin. But I don't want it so bad, and I am not ready for a relationship. My advice would be is just being patient, according to your status, your age is between 18 to 24 years old, and I would say you are a young girl.

  • I feel u, I'm in the same situation. I just focus on my work and keep doin my own thing cause ik I'm attractive and the right girl will come along when the time comes. Just know that when u do find someone it'll be all the more special.

    • That is what I try to think too. He will come at the righ time :)

  • That actually isn't that uncommon. You are probably just very shy and likely don't present yourself well. What do you look like? Either post a pick or send me one in a pm so I can give you some advice.


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