Is this verbal abuse?

I got into an argument sort of with my boyfriend. At first we were discussing the issue but then he just kind of got mad and wouldn't say a word to me and I said something like, "So, what, are you just too much of a coward to admit it then?" and, still, he said nothing so at that point I just left.

I feel really bad for calling him anything. It just threw me off that he wouldn't talk to me about it and wouldn't even tell me he needed space or something. He just sat there. Still, though. We've never had "bad" arguments. We've always worked through them quite healthily and I just feel awful about it. I wish I would've left before anything was said.


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  • I wouldn't say it was verbal abuse, just say to him you're sorry and try to fix things I guess? Good luck with it!


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  • by calling him a coward you made him seem weak...
    that is a big insult to any man...
    verbal abuse... Hey it happens in relationships people say things they don't mean, as long as you apologize i think you and your man will be fine

  • Yes, that's verbal abuse. Think of it as instead of saying the word, your full out punching him straight in his self esteem. When you say things like that!


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  • Technically no that is not verbal abuse