Girls always say other guys are hot?

Both my current girlfriend and my ex girlfriend would always say whoever the celebrity is so hot, Channing Tatum, Adam Levine, whoever, the lists are long. I've never really done that, of course there are attractive female celebrites but the only girl who gets called hot or beautiful is my girl. (And I tell them constantly) Now I don't mind so much that my girlfriends do this, but sometimes its other guys on their dorm floor or something, and they don't say I'm hot. That's what kinda gets to me and makes me a bit insecure. i feel like I'm a pretty decent looking guy, ocasionally I would be called handsome but not hot. Am I just not hot? I just uploaded a picture so if I could get some female opinions that would be great. Granted I don't have a 6 pack or anything but I have a flat stomach with some ab definition and I work out. Why do my girlfriends do this? I want my girlfriends to think that I'm good looking because it is somewhat of a confidence thing.

Well thank you all, I already feel better! Sorry the pic isn't that clear I don't have many pictures of myself but I really appreciate the compliments! And my current gf even said I can talk about girls all I want which is weird but that's not how i feel.


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  • Just tell your girlfriend how you feel. WHATTT? OH MA GAWD THE TRUTH? Seriously, be honest and she'll stop. She wouldn't really be dating you if she didn't think you were attractive. And guys opinions don't matter unless they're gay. And in MY opinion, you're pretty gewd looking. I even spelled it wrong for emphasis, now that's something 😉


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  • I think you look attractive (that picture isn't very clear but from what I can tell, you do!)!!! It's a total double standard. For whatever reason, girls are allowed to call male celebrities hot, but guys can't comment on actresses or models. It's unfair. It doesn't mean you aren't hot, but it's more accepted to call those guys hot since it's common knowledge. If your gf called you hot to her friends, it be seen as her bragging about you (which seems rude to her single friends :P)

    Would you look at mine please? Thanks!

  • I have celebrity crushes but I never compare them to my bf. I think its a bit disrespectful. Its a total double standard because girls will flip shit if you say any girl is attractive besides her. I'm totally fine with my bf saying wow that girl has nice hair and oh I like her eyes. Most of the time I agree with him because he isn't comparing us.


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  • i know where you are coming from bro... listen its hard to find a girl who doesn't have celebrity crushes and its hard for them not to mention it

    Once i said Olivia Wilde was the most beautiful actress, my ex almost died, (They really dont look alike) she cried and said i hurt her confidence even though she would always say how hot adam levine was or how she thought John meyer was so talented and bull shit

    its adouble standard we just can't take it personally!