What do I do if my friends strongly dislike this girl I like?

So there's this beautiful girl I recently started talking to (in high school) but she always hangs around guys. She kissed one of the guys in my little click, and generally has a bad rap. One of my "friends" (kind of{it's[really] complicated}) rudely walked be her and me while walking in the hallway and pretended that nothing happened. And i kinda wanna relationship, but people always tell me ambiguous things like "I've herd a lot of things about her" or "I wouldn't if I were you." And when I ask what our why i get no clear response.

What do?
please halp

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  • I would listen to your friends. When we like someone we often put them on a pedestal where we think they can do know wrong, but the truth is we often look at them through rose colored glasses so we may not truly see them for who they are. Your friends on the other hand aren't doing this so they may be seeing her more clearly.


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  • It's not ALWAYS the case but I think pretty often if your close friends don't like the person, it's a good idea to proceed with caution. They'll often be able to see things about that person that you can't necessarily see right away because you're infatuated. Definitely just be friends with her for now and if after awhile your gut tells you otherwise, you can consider a relationship.

  • If she has a bad rep... I wouodnt date her. BUT it depends on what is it. Like if its tha she gets around then thats a big NO. (she might have somethung lol) or hurt you and leave you so soon.

    Of you really want too tho, get to know her. Hang out, talk. Get to know her first. And if she likes you and you her and she is a great loyal person then its all good amd thats what matters.

  • Suck it up princess and see for yourself. You never know if you and her will hit it off. If it works. Your friends can screw off, if not, just end it.

  • Dude trust your intuition, to me she already sounds like bad news. It sounds like you'd have to deal with more drama than a relationship.


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