I told her I loved her?

i just confessed my love for a coworker, we dated for a while (4 months) and then at a point we started to just not spend as much time together, she told me there was another guy in the picture, I'm assuming its her ex cause they dated for like 3yrs. I totally fell for this girl and when I told her she started crying and walked out, she later texted me " thank you so much, you always leave me speechless, I'm sorry for everything" so basically, its over, I just dont know where to go from here though, I'm pretty much heartbroken, never felt this bad before


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  • She shouldn't have dated you if there's someone else in the picture. Move on. :/


What Guys Said 1

  • I'm sorry man, there's not much you can do but just do your best to get over her. Find something to keep you busy, you enjoy, and just keep doing it. Whenever she pops in your head just tell yourself (actually say it in your head) "it's never going to happen, it's over, move on". It really does help. Give it time and eventually your feelings will be put aside. I don't think you can ever "unlove" someone, there will always be a part of you that will always love her, but you can learn how to not let it affect you and let her go. Good luck!