When should I/How long until I can set up a new malw acquaintance with one of my female friends?

What's an appropriate time? I don't want to wait until I'm friends with the guy because I feel like I'll know him too well and it might be awkward to suddenly wanna hook him up with one of my friends. Plus my friend is worried he'll start to like me before she gets the chance to meet him.

The problem is my friend likes a certain type of guy but those types aren't in her everyday life often enough to interact with. But I have a bunch because of my lifestyle and I'd love for her to meet a guy who's her type.

I'm not sure if her type would be interested in her though because usually they don't look twice since they're from different walks of life. She's trying to change herself but it won't instantly happen.

How do I bring up the idea of meeting my friend to this new acquaintance of mine?


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  • You better know them really, really well... may take a while. If you don't, it will be a disaster!

    • Lol really? I don't want things to be awkward or him think I'm hitting on him if I ask if he's single

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  • The best way is to have your friend coincidentally showup or be wwith you when you see the guy


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  • Whenever the subject of dating comes up would be least awkward

  • First make time he's not taken