What makes a guy physically attractive?

i am really curious to know


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  • sleep and wake up same time everyday, eat a high protein balanced meal every 3 to 4 hours, full body hardcore workout routine 4-5 times a week, drink at least 14 glasses of water... manage your stress... oh and great fashion sense...

    this is what looking great physically look like. its a 24 hour job and why most men can't do it.

    • well said brother! that's waht i intend exactly to do in order to stand out in the crowd you need to comitt your self and i am determined as fuck to be a hot guy that "personality" crap is bullshit we all know that i am already tall but very lanky i need to get in shape and that's what i am going to do

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    • oh and you know you're doing the right thing when other men hate on you!!

    • thanks mate


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  • Not skinny
    Big chest
    Nice arms
    Big legs
    Big hands
    Nice dark hair
    Dark eyes
    Nice lips
    Facial hair is a plus
    Tattoos can be nice too

    • tall (6'3) dark hair dark eyes but i am skinny though i need to work on that and no tattoos :p

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    • whats too small? will my average D be enough? lmao

    • @iliasisamanlet

      you're still a kid though

  • There is no one answer to this.

    • i guess there's an answer tbh for example i like avreage height girls with nice boobies and firm butts with a pretty face and long straight luscious hair now your turn

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    • no but i haven't said that looks don't matter actually looks matter a hell lot to me that's why i am asking this question

    • I meant girl* by the way

  • I can't tell you


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  • Taking care of your body is key. The gym is where to go for this. Getting food workouts in will give you a good body type and all the other stuff that follows. The typical guy approaches dating with the idea that he is not good enough. When you take care of your body by working out and eating more balanced, you can approach dating knowing that you get to judge whether or not that girl is worth anything to you.

  • i think its broad shoulders a nice butt and a bright smile
    haha or at least thats what my girlfriends hae told me

  • physically attractive is subjective. some girls like the thin look and some like muscular or right in between. I couldn't even tell you a general answer because I've seen about half say scrawny is better and the other say muscles are hot.

  • Bitches want a guy who lifts.