Is it better to be on WhatsApp or Fb?

I know thisfor two years, have been with him since Sept. and until recently, I was only friends with him on WhatsApp even though he had a fb account. I've met friends and family and we have been intimate for all these months... I'm questoning this change of heart because he said his phone isn't working right now. I know where he lives, where he works, what car he drives lol... so I can basically find him, just wondering if fb is an upgrade or not... we have not DTR our relationship other than we've told each other that we care about each other and we like each other. Am I overthinking?


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  • Facebook is better than every other shitty social media out there. You can do everything on Facebook, that's why it's connected with everything.
    If you have data on your phone, then use Facebook Messenger, it's my favorite messaging service to use.

    • Yes that's true... but I was wondering in terms of being a part of his life.


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  • Well maybe he's phone really isn't working... what did he say is wrong with it although on the other hand i like Facebook better as it give me more of a sense of knowing the person but why dont you just meet up how far is he?

    • He's not far, and I have seen him... just wondering if that was his way of including me in his life?

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  • They both suck. Fb.