Should I call? Should I leave him be?

I contracted oral herpes type 2 from my aunt, I had to tell my boyfriend now that we are together because I didn't want him to get it too. But we have barely spoken I asked him what happened a couple days ago he said he wanted time to think and process it and now he's posted "out of sight out of mind" on Facebook it's been almost a week should I call him should I just leave him alone?


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  • Is he really worth your time if he's going to act childish like this?

    • Thanks ! All I kept asking him was just to talk about it no matter what helps feelings were towards it and he kinda dusted it off like nothing

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  • Many adults have oral herpes. Some even just because they drank from a poorly washed cup or glass. Between outbreaks it's no problem. When an outbreak comes, there's good cram to stop it (if used early) He should know it.

    • He knows now but after I told him we've barely spoken :-/

    • He probably has 'fever blisters' at moments but doesn't want to call them herpes.

    • No he doesn't have them I told him I have them. We just got together. I just wanted him to know but now he's not responding to me

  • Telling him will be the best thing


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