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I'm not at all against interracial dating. Lol, I'm really not. But if you were to go on YouTube and type in Black women, you'll see a whole lot of black men and white women bashing black women and a lot of black women turning to date NON black men in spite of black Men. What's happening to the black community? Obviously I am a black lady and it really hurts me to see all this hatred in the community. I do agree that love is love, but after looking at the videos, you kind of get the feel that SOME black men AND SOME black women date the other race in spite of their own race. I'm not trying to make this a huge fight, but this is what I've gathered from these videos. What do you think about this? Please tell me your experiences if you like.(:


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  • Yea that pisses me off. I'm mixed myself, and my friend was talking some shit about looking for a white man, fuck black guys now and she wants mixed babies. I got offended and told her so, and she's like "well what's your problem, you're mixed and your parents are a interracial marriage" like hello my parents met like 45 years ago when they got beat up for getting with other races -_- totally different, but these people keep comparing it like it's the same, i hear similar things a lot. And this quest for mixed babies makes me literally feel a little sick in my belly.
    I don't get why we all can't just see a guy as a guy or a girl as a girl, if we like em great if not oh well. I don't get why or how people can go out and seek a particular race.
    The worse is, when a white woman or black woman (these two in particular) get another race man and feel like they really achieved something and will show off and shit. Some white guys have done it around me to, but they aren't the most. Some white guys who wanted me though, they put me off when they brag "I only date black and mixed girls" I'm like oh ok well I ain't gonna be one of em lol.
    Ugh... I just wish dating and race didn't have to be a thing.

    • Really!!! Everything is about mixed babies. Aha. Okay my uncle married a white women and they have mixed kids. I love them to death, but I kid you not, my grandma compares me to my mixed cousin and favors her saying that she's going to be light and beautiful with long hair unlike me. That just hurts that my grandma is putting me and my full race down. Well that's how I feel. But yeah. Back then, it was different because people weren't dating out of there race because it was a trend. They were dating outside of their race because they were in true deep love. People were even killed because they were dating outside of their race. I totally agree with you.

    • Yea that's the thing that gets to me the most, that even peoples own family will say this stuff. When I was younger, i went for years telling people i was fully black and just turned out kinda light because of how some people acted, then of course when I call them out on it they'd say I'm hating because I'm not mixed lmfao...
      Anyway, your grandma has no right to say that and it's totally untrue because mixed can turn out anyhow, like my brother looks fully black and has the best afro ever and his wife is also mixed black and white but she's white like a full white person blue eyes and blonde hair, nobody believes she's mixed, like she doesn't even have a tan... mixed can literally turn out anyhow. I always kinda secretly hope the people who wish for mixed kids end up with one that looks full white or full black to teach them a lesson lol.
      Your grandma is from a different generation though, like back then you couldn't even have natural hair without being judged by your own family


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  • Don't let that shit faze you, black men love black women. I'm not saying any of what you said is completely false but it's small shit that's blown out of proportion. A lot of those posting/sharing are race baiting trolls and/or full blown racist posing as black people or other races. You'll see a lot of that here too, anonymous and sometimes fake accounts with pics stolen off the internet posing to be a certain race, usually black, being racist and acting an ass. Nothing wrong with interracial dating either, as long as it's not done out of self-hate. From yahoo answer, forums, or any kind of threads across the internet, I'd say about 95% of the post where the subject is about black people are posted by non-blacks, ESPECIALLY, when it comes to talking about black dick sizes. It's always some other race talking about us, we just go about our business, indifferent at worst to others, yet we're always on someone other persons mind. When your felling down about that kind of bullshit just blast that song " Keep Ya Head Up" by Tupac

  • Bashing others seems to be something which makes a lot of dumb people feel better.


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  • I think people just like who they like and everything else gets blown out of proportion ☺️