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So i go out with this girl who im really into and don't wanna disappoint and come the end of the day we go to grab some food at a restaurant and the waitress comes over so the bill can be paid and i pull out my card to pay for our meals when she offers to pay and i said no its fine i can get it this time and she insists on paying by asking a second time in which i replied ok are you sure, she then said sure why not i ate too right so we both pay for our meals then the next day she is angry at me for letting her pay and saying im a bad person... what the heck happened and how do i prevent this from happening again


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  • You want a harsh truth? Fuck this bitch move on save your self some time. People need to say what they mean and mean what they say. Games are for children...

    • True... plus its a bit to early to be showing bitchy signs on a first date haha

    • Maybe if you offered to pay 40 more times it wouldn't of went down like that, but who has time for all that bullshit i got things to do lol...

    • I don't know about you but i dont have that kind of money to throw away especially for an ungrateful chick


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  • Wow she is crazy!

  • She's a nut job that's what.

  • Well if she insist she shouldn't complain. You aren't a bad person, and she shouldn't be angry. To prevent it… I guess pay it fully? Hope that helps :)


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