Date night dinner?

I have a date tomorrow with this girl. It's not gonna be the first one. I wanna take her out to dinner, and I have a couple of restaurants in mind to choose from. I'm fine with any of them, but I don't want my date to be disappointed with the place I'll take her to. Should I tell her the options and let her decide? or should I take the initiative a decide the restaurant? I know girls like guys who take the lead, but I don't wanna make a bad decision.

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  • Use Yelp to see the ratings of the restaurant. Has she mentioned what her favorite cuisine is? Has she ever mentioned any of these restaurants? Ultimately, you should decide.


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  • Id say lay out some options...
    I know as a female that sometimes choosing is hard... very hard.

    Suggest like 4 or 5 places and she can choose from there, but you dont just wanna be like "hey lets go someplace, you pick" cause you're gonna be sitting there for a long time while she goes the infinite choices.


What Guys Said 2

  • Pick an awesome place, maybe pick a nice bar to go to before or afterwards, plan the whole thing out so you're wowing her constantly with the amount of effort you've put in as well as the good taste in your choices of venues.

  • I say B. It all depends on the tone of the date night which should take a part when choosing the place.