Should I be worried? Her ex texted her and idk?

So yeah I was with her the other night and I glanced over at her and her ex had texted her and she's been down lately. She didn't see that I saw and her reaction to the text seemed irritated. I don't feel threatened/challenged by other men, I know my value and if someone wants something else oh well haha My friends say that I should drop her like a hot potato but Im not one to jump the gun and make assumptions. I'm getting super close to her and really developing a connection with this girl and I really don't want to waste my time. Yeah that looks fishy but she's well worth the risk of getting my feelings hurt a little. Every dude says stuff like this but I know I'm a better catch than him but I don't know if that can compete with history. They ended on a bad note and the dudes kind of a prick from what I've heard from mutual friends. I'm not gonna stop my pursuit but what should I do to handle this situation.


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  • She didn't tell you her ex messaged her? How long have you been together?


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  • I would ask her about it if it happens again


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  • The best thing you could do is not give a shit. Trust me, don't even think twice about it.

    Question though. How does she feel about her ex? Does/did she ever bring up? Does she hate him, not care anymore or what?