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I've been dating this guy for 3.5 months (2.5hrs long distance). Everything was amazing, but recently he told me he's having doubts about whether we have a future. He said he's confused. On one hand, the distance is scaring him. Neither of us can move right now for very serious reasons. Also, he says we don't have a lot in common. On the other hand, he told me I was his IDEAL girl and he doesn't want to let me go. He kept saying he was confused. I told him I'm serious about him, and that he needs to decide soon.


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  • Distance shouldn't matter ur 27 so u or him can stay the weekend over n take turns and the future... man please u have a long time to life so time u got. Even if u don't have nothing in common its better cuz that way u can explore his or her side of what each other like. Relationship isn't about getting together n having everything or somethings in common its about getting out there together n experimenting it so if he can't handle that pressure well then u have to decided for yourself what to do but talk to him first n see where it takes u

    • that's exactly how i feel. i want to make it work with him. but i don't know what he will decide :/
      i just hate waiting. this also happened at the worst time bc tomorrow is Valentine's day.

    • Yeah so don't get him anything for Valentine's

    • Just let him see what he says n if nothing u make the decision to stay or leave


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  • He likes you a lot but he's being realistic about having a fulfilling long distace relationship, which people usually don't. Either he'll want to do the long distace thing or he won't feel it's worh the hassle. But everyone has to make that decision for themselves.

  • I totally understand. I'm in a long distance relationship and sometimes the distance just gets so hard I don't think I could do it. Even though im so in love with him I've thought about breaking it off because he's so far away.