I have a first date tomorrow on Valentines day! I'm so scared help?

Ok let me just start out by saying I hate dates. I'm introverted and awkward and so is he and I just feel too much pressure. And tomorrow its on Valentine's day! This guy and I have been circling around dating for like a month now. We act like a couple, but we don't talk about our feelings. Well tomorrow he asked me on a date. our first date! How do I not be awkward? and scared, and ruin everything? what do I do if the conversation stops? we are both so side. I really like him but i'm just afraid that my nerves will get the best of me and I will mess everything up. I want to be in a relationship with him and I don't want him to think I'm an awkward weirdo. We're both first year university students. Please any first day Valentine's day advice would be great.


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  • I think you're freaking yourself out over the word "date." You guys spend a lot of time together already it's not like he's about to decide if he likes you or not! That decision has already been made! No one goes in a first date on Valentine's Day if they don't like the person haha so you should just be excited! Just be yourself! You already know him he's not a stranger. Don't let the words "date" and "Valentine's day" psych you out! Just relax and have fun! :)