Should I ask this girl out?

I met her a while ago she might have been giving me sines to make a move but I can never tell what girls are thinking. She seemed cool we laughed together even leaned on me. One day I was alone and said why are you always alone you can hangout with me and my sister. She ask help a lot but still we don't know each other too well I like her and I'm not scared of rejection but I have never dated and don't know what to expect. I also don't know how to make sure she is entertained and make it an a awesome date what are good date ideas In college? I just feel like I'm too inexperienced with girls for my age but we seem to get along. Would it be a good thing to take her out on Valentine's day?


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  • Do it. If you don't I swear I will actually feel guilty. Even if you get rejected you should still do it. I highly doubt this girl will give you a hard rejection. And even if she does you can still be friends. Here's what happened to me-my crush found out I liked him. At the time he didn't have feelings for me. We stayed friends, although things were a bit awkward for me, but not so much for him. now we've been dating for a year. So what I'm trying to say is that even if you get rejected, it isn't the end. Trust me it's not the end until she gets married and has children with some other person. Go. For. It. You cannot miss this chance! Good luck!

    • I asked and said she was out of town at a track meet would she suggest another if she was interested


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  • Omg. Do it! Bring her flowers! It's every girls dream t get asked out on Valentine's day!!! DO ITTTTTT!!

  • Yes take her put for Valentine's she would love it and i think she would say yes


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