How to get my friend and this guy together?

One of my best friends (let's call her Becky) is really nice and I care about her a lot. I have a boyfriend and she's very supportive of my relationship. I want to help her now! She has a crush on this guy named "Kevin" Kevin I'll admit is hot. Every girl has liked him at some point, including me and all of my friends. I just found out she liked him today. I know this boy has dated a very pretty and popular girl who is also my friend, but they're not a "thing" anymore. Kevin likes someone else now anyways. So how can I get Becky and Kevin together? I think they would make an adorable couple and I think she deserves him. We just recently had the last school dance. (But there is a small chance there'll be another one at the end of the year) so how can I get them together? I don't really talk to Kevin anymore, but there has to be a way! Help?


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  • Go up to him and just straight up tell him that she likes him. I would love that, and most guys I know would as well.

    • Thanks, but I'm not sure if that would work. Last time my friend (one of my other friends) liked him I told him and he didn't really care... a lot of girls like him so I think he's used to it

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  • introduce them.