How do u stop liking a guy who has a gf 😪😪 ?

this guy i met, i flirt, he does back, he's had a gf for a while but his gf recently moved schools. but he still flirts and all. I dont think, I KNOW i shouldn't have any feelings for this guy but i can't help it actually. other guys message me but its irrelavant because i dont care about them to be honest. fml . fmlfmlfml.

i found out he doesn't have a gf ! thanks for all the advice though!!!
:( seriously why does this happen to me always. i just found out he Still hansa gf 😩😰😰😰FML


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  • Their relationship isn't going to last. Go for it if you really like him. Lol. You're super young. His GF will get over it. Aha. Good Luck, Girlfriend. (; make mistakes and have fun while you're young.


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  • exact same circumstance I was in :( with a girl I was crushing on.
    you best idea is to decide if your going to take the moral high road (less conflict and the 'right' thing to do) and try to get over him.
    does he make it clear he has a boyfriend or did you find out through other means?
    moral low road (my personal favorite :) and try to get him alone with you and just be honest; however you don't want to be know as that girl that he cheated with :/
    Define flirting? sure he is just not being friendly. see how he acts around other girls

  • obey your heart.. go as your emotions want.. do yourself good. Go for it.. compete and win him, if you desire him. its not that he has a wife and kid or a family. Go and win him.


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  • Yeah, I know the feels. I had a thing with a guy with a girlfriend and we are still friends, but I'm pretty sure he is still into me (he's still with his gf though). I got over him by just distancing myself from him. I also kept my options open and flirted with a lot of different people while I was also into him. I like to flirt, haha, what can I say? :P

  • Haha!! This made me laugh!

    • why?

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    • gues what, i knew it was too good to be true. he does still have a gf :((( & she loves him. FML im not kidding this always happens to me. i feel like breaking down

    • It's just the way it goes!!

  • I went through the same thing except I actually dated the guy. Don't date him and eventually you'll stop thinking about him. It's a long story...