Is he interested because he postpone our first date?

I know a guy from work next door. He seems interested in me, ask for my number and text me a week later to ask me out. We are suppose to go out tonight but he cancel at noon saying that he's overwhelm with work and is too tired and will be going home to sleep. I think the sleep excuse is lame. by the way our first date is on Valentine's Day. He did apologise saying he really didn;t mean to do this to me. He then send another text "with lots of kisses to you on Valentine's Day". He is a car mechanic by the way. I am very disappointed that he cancel on me. My questions is wouldn't he look forward to our date if he is really interested instead of resting at home?


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  • I think with guys, we're straightforward. If he's tired, trust him.

    I did this with a girl once; I was REALLY tired.


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  • he seems interested still.