Is it cocky to think I'm a amazing guy that could improve someone's life?

I often think of myself as this great guy who will change the life of whoever I'm with. But even more that's what I want to be. I even usually seek out dating those who I feel could benefit from having me in their life. Is this wrong am I being arrogant or cocky. I genuinely want to make someone happy does that justify my thoughts that I'm this great person. Girls say they want confidence is that what they mean?


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  • I don't think it arrogant to want to be the best boyfriend/friend/husband/lover you can be.. I actually think it's great... but if you set out on this journey to change someone to who you think they should be, or seek them as if this is a science project then yes you are a bit arrogant... 60% of a relationship will be accepting the person for who they are... but if ur talking about upgrading their life financially, introducing them to finer things... then by all means... good luck!

    • I don't want to change them just help them be the best version of themselves.


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  • Is it cocky to think I'm a amazing guy that could improve someone's life?
    In my opinion it's arrogant however it's seemingly common as most guys appear to think they are oh so great and have self-inflated massive egos.

    Girls say they want confidence is that what they mean?
    It's what some gals mean. It's not what some gals mean.

    • I kinda mean I'd be great to the girl and I could make her happy. Is that arrogant

    • Meh it's arrogant to me to think you know what could make her happy. I find that patronizing to think you could know better than her what could make her happy.

  • Don't worry, bruh, a lot of men think they're a blessing and god's gift to the world. You're definitely not alone.

    I'd be weary of a guy, who thought he was the shit, but didn't know when to correctly use "a" and "an".

    • I'm on mobile auto correct sweety lol

    • Typing "an" does not autocorrect into "a".

      Nice try.

    • Sometimes, you don't know my life.

  • Yes that's what we mean

  • Not a big deal, you will only attract those women that are interested in a man like that. Also, its not a bad thing to want to be helpful and feel like you are needed by your partner. I think everyone to some degree wants that feeling. Its good to feel that you are a good part of your partners life or make it better.


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  • You should have an accurate self-esteem. If an accurate self-esteem for you is very high self-esteem, then good for you.

    As for the girls you seek out, you should pursue your rational happiness. Helping people should not be the focus of your energies. Instead, giving value for value (not being a moocher, basically) is part of the broader goal of pursuing your happiness.

    • What if helping the person makes me happy? Is that a dangerous idea?

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    • Yes, that is essentially what I'm saying: you should give to each other. But, my point is that your motivation should be improving your own life. Within that, helping other people will play a huge part. The happiness of your girlfriend adds hugely to your life, because she's your girlfriend. The happiness of your employer adds hugely to your life, because he's your employer.

    • Good advice thanks

  • No it's not cocky. You're a confidence lad that knows his self worth.