How long does it really take to decide if a relationship is worth it and has a future?

The guy I've been dating for 3.5 months knew since we first met that I lived 2hrs away. He didn't care in the beginning, and everything was great. Recently he told me he's confused because he doesn't know if we have a future considering the distance and our different backgrounds. I can't move because I'm in grad school for another 3yrs. He's looking for a job that may or may not require him to move. I told him I'm committed to our future, and that he needs to decide. He says he's confused but that I'm everything he looks for and doesn't want to let me go. How long should I wait for a response? I told him to think about it yesterday, and today is Valentine's day :/ So far nothing.


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  • 68 minutes.


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  • Give him a few days. This could be life-changing after all! ;)