Do guys ask girls on dates anymore?

I'm a pretty girl , guys have no problem coming up to me or telling me that. But guys really just want to chill. I am a very respectable girl. I am still a vigin and I'm 17 about to be 18 in April. I've never had a boyfriend bc I just could never find the right guy. My question of dating still haunts me bc I don't understand , is something wrong with me? Or do guys just not say lets go to the movies, bowling, skating, to eat , anything. I do know they go if you are already in a relationship. But what about as friends then later relationship? I do know my age is wrong at the top by my name but I made this account a long time ago ­čśé­čśé­čśé


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  • Gender roles have changed, and it is no longer considered a man's job to ask girls out.

    It doesn't matter who asks whom out, as long as there ism mutual liking. Try asking guys out yourself! you're be surprised with the positive responses you'll likely get.


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  • Hello,
    My name is Mary Mark. I came across your profile today and i become interested to be your friend, Please i will like you to contact me through my email address ( generalmary@outlook. com ) so that we can know each other better.