Girls do you ever hint that you want to go out with a guy on a "date" or tell him directly? Or is it expected for the guy to be the one to ask?

It seems to me like it is expected for the guy to ask and I haven't dated at all really, other then a few dinner dates. When it comes to asking them out I can never tell if its a good idea or not. These girls are usually strangers as I am no longer in school and there are no women at my workplace really, it seems so fucking weird to ask a stranger out how do I even know if they are single? I think I am socially fucking retarded honestly


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  • Oh geez, well consider yourself fortunate that you have really no dating experience. In my book, all of my boyfriends didn't have any experience either. I find this cute and awkward it's own little way because the guy goes out of his way to buy you flowers and genuinely tries his best to keep you happy. In comparison to boys who think dating is just a drive by. My suggestion to you is to not be eager, but to let it happen naturally. You'll run into a girl who you think is funny or nice, if they're married.. Well keep looking. Girls love a guy who is nice and can keep a conversation. Never take out your phone while talking to them. Smile. You'll do fine😊 I have faith in you dating isn't hard, it just takes practice. And I think you can do it

  • Sometimes hint!! If they don't ask after a bit. I don't feel it's my place to ask. If he was into me, the he would of asked me out.


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