Girls: How would you handle a guy who has a painful and troubled relationship history?

Say you met a guy that you liked and enjoyed his company, but he has issues with relationships due to his past bad experiences. Would you pass him off as too much effort or try to help him heal?


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  • He needs to want to be helped.

    I cannot show him what a good relationship is if he refuses to be in one. So unless he actually tries to be in a relationship and trusts me as his partner then I can't very well show him how I am as a girlfriend now can I?

    • Would you require him to make the first move to be in said relationship or would you take a chance?

    • I suppose that depends. If I were interested I'd ask.


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  • I would definitely be open to helping him heal, on 1 condition, he wants to be helped.

  • Well it depends on what issues he has and if he is willing to put them to side in order to experience something better.


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