What is right in my situation? Love? Family? Religion?

I've recently just started dating my best friend it's been 4 months we are doing long distance. For me it's hard to imagine my life without him I knew I loved him the minute we met, we were 15. My best friend at the time introduced us, we didn't go to the same high school just became close through association. We became really close after high school, I started to develop real feelings for him, but timing wasn't there we both moved to opposite sides of Canada but we still kept contact. We dated other people during this time but I knew it was him I wanted. He finally saw it too, at 22 we have finally started to date. It's going great, he says he loves me, wants to live together. I'm hesitant because we haven't been a couple for long but since we've been best friends does it change how fast you move? Also we are different religions and race my family is Muslim and eritrean background he's Christian with a ukranian background. I'm so confused I basically want him to slow down on planning a future with me because I'm not even sure I can have one if my parents don't approve


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  • Religion is the worst excuse. Religious people believe that they can interpret and know the mind of a celestial North Korea, which demands weird laws regarding sex and love that originate from bronze age Palestine. Religion is almost always divisive and prevents people from exploring the full potential of their lives or possible love. Believing that a sky dictator is interested in who you have sex with and in what position, as well as under what particular sacrament, implies God is petty and is therefore an insult to God.

  • Some day your parents are going to die and not there to judge you... I know that sounds rough but you have to come to a point in your life that you recognize yourself as an individual and you have to make your own destiny.


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