How should I treat a Muslim girl I'm interested in?

I really like a Pakistani foreign exchange student at my school. As a Caucasian Atheist I realize I may only be able to be her friend rather than a boyfriend forbthe time being. She is smart, funny and sweet and we have a lot in common. I took her out on a "date" already , but she wouldn't let me pay for her, which I don't know if it's a cultural things or what? If any Muslim/Pakistani women are out thee I want to know what I can do to be understanding and pleasant to her. What do I need to be aware of as I proceed with spending time with her? Is there down thing I should learn about to understand we culture more? Is there something I could say that would show my appreciation for her? Even impress her? Thanks

Edit: I don't want to treat her differently, the question came out wrong, I want to know what I need to know about Islam for this to possibly work.


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  • Treat her like normal girls please. I mean like call her princess and babe or something. Compliment her, lover her and take care of her. She's a human not an alien her belief is just kept to herself and if she wants to talk about it with you straighten up and listen. Nod when you understand something. Don't upset her just because of what she has to wear for cultural views. Just say you understand it'll make her feel more comfortable with you, youd get a step closer to become trustworthy. Emm, if you really wanna get to know her, talk about her past and ask if she. favedwany struggles. She'll find you very caring.

    • This question is really coming across badly to people. I am mainly asking it because her law forbids dating of any kind, especially with non Muslims. I understand of course that she is not an alien... I just want to be understanding of her beliefs and know when being to affectionate and flirty is crossing te line for her.

    • Ehmm read the translation of their holy book. Islam is just usually targeting only the Quran. Not the Muslims.

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  • I am not muslim or pakistani but we are very much related to each other culturally. I would say, Well she seems like an unusual open minded girl. Just don't ask for sex too early. Otherwise treat her normally.
    Next time when you meet... say her "salam- walek uum " :p
    But before getting serious, think about her family side. You would or possibly might have to compromise a lot for her. Most Muslim families demand conversion. So check whether her family is not orthodox one type.
    Otherwise this relationship will be headed no where.

  • Treat her normally. I think she would respect that way more than you acting differently, just be honest.

    • The question sounds weird... I don't mean to treat her differently, I just want to know what I need to be aware of.

  • If there's anything serious, she'll most likely require you to convert to Islam. Let it go bro. especially if they just arrived.