Would you dump your girlfriend if she was way too sensitive?

My girlfriend gets really angry if I say something like "You look beautiful the way you are, but I think this hairstyle would look good on you too". Anything to do with appearance, be it hair, clothes etc., and she takes it really personal, like she's worthless.. like I'm trying to put her down.
I've had it with her.. I can't even make suggestions. I'm thinking of dumping her. I seriously can't put up with girls who are over-sensitive and take everything the wrong way.


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  • Don't make suggestions about a woman's appearance unless she asks. It makes us feel like you think we need to be improved in some way or another. You should compliment her on her own style and not suggest change. It makes us feel judged and crap. You should compliment and nurture her instead of comment on what you think would be better for her.


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  • She is not overly sensitive, she's really insecure. If you can't handle that, then move on or just don't bring up anything that has to do with her appearance. How about complimenting her on an emotional level.

  • It sounds like she's been hurt before or doesn't love herself. I know for the longest time if a guy complimented me I didn't believe it and acted over sensitive but it was only cause I didn't believe it.


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