Is He Cheating... Or Am I Just Paranoid?

So my boyfriend's sister told me that he was sending nudes to another female by the name of Samantha. She even sent me proof but when I asked him about it he said it wasn't true. He told me that he had dated a girl named Samantha and he had blocked her last year because she kept trying to send him nudes when his sister went on his Facebook and talked to her about it. She kept telling me that I was just getting my self hurt by believing him, but I love him. I don't know what to do. I want to believe my boyfriend but I'm also scared he isn't telling the truth. We just passed Valentine's Day and he didn't get me a single thing whereas I spent hours making him chocolate covered strawberries because that's what he wanted. So what do you think? Is he cheating or am I just paranoid?


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  • well she sent you proof and she has no reason to lie whereas he gave you no proof at all an didn't even bother with you on Valentine's day, dont be a fool by ignoring it and staying with him look at the facts his sister presented and find out the truth


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  • If you are not sure of him it is definitely a bad sign. The fact that he did not bother to do anything for Valentine's even though you did is another. Ditch him.

    • Thank you for your opinion. I'm just confused because I don't want to ditch him. We got together and went and saw a play but he said his mom was supposed to ship something over for him to give to me and it didn't show up. He also said he spent 20 dollars on flowers to be sent to my classroom the Friday before Valentine's Day but that didn't happen. What if he was telling the truth?

  • I had been in a similar situation years ago and he was cheating... follow your gut... it will be tough but you can move on and you will be OK no matter what happens no man is worth making you sad or mad or paranoid. A real man will make you feel secure in your relationship.