So you dated your co-worker?

You and your co-worker are talking/dating. Did you tell your other co-workers when they asked if y'all had a thing for each other? Or did you keep it private? Did your other co-workers treat y'all differently once they found out?


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  • I've had a few of my coworkers date. I didn't take any issue with it, really. They typically would get scheduled different shifts.

    It was their behavior before they started dating that pissed me off, 'cause they'd stand around and flirt instead of doing their jobs.


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  • I'd rather kiss a wookie than a coworker.

    • Oh wow. Why? Even if you are very attracted to her?

    • Because dating a coworker is often fraught with problems. Most relationships just don't work out. Then you're going to have to see this person regularly. One never knows how this person will react towards a failed relationship. One doesn't know if this person might start inventing complaints about you if they have a particularly spiteful nature.

      I'm not suggesting this is true of all office romances, or even most, however it's true enough for a significant number for me to seek romance elsewhere. I love my job. I don't want to lose my job. So I wouldn't date someone I work with.

  • Just be careful when it doesn't work out, that it doesn't get awkward

  • Dating coworkers is fucking stupid, 10x so if you're a man.


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