Why are some women so fake?

Have you ever seen a guy date a woman that you know is a chameleon? She changes who she is so the guy thinks she's perfect and then will start trying to change who he is. I have known her for a while and I have seen how much her interests change when she is with a new guy. Why are some women so fake?


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  • A lot of people will change what they "believe in" just so the person they're interested will possibly be "turned on." They're afraid to disagree and feel that if they do, then they'll no longer be interested. I don't see it as much as a "chameleon" as those girls who try to be "chameleons" are just really desperate to try to sound like an "individual" and "be different."

    • She totally changes but doesn't see it. I know some of her exes and they say she changes who she is and it's like a drug because she makes them think she's perfect. Then she gets unhappy and tries to change who they are. I know people who think she borderline personality disorder. It's quite extreme with her.

    • If she's trying to change a guy she's giving herself a one way ticket to an abusive relationship and she's going to blame everyone for it but herself.

    • That's what she does! Her last bf told her from the start that he was leaving in a year to go to work. She stayed with him and would pressure him to let her move in with him. She would go behind his back saying he wasn't making her happy. Now she's dating the guy she used to talk about her ex badly to


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  • Desperation to be accepted, is the reason why.

  • Why are some people so fake?


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  • Eh maybe it's protection/preservation the technique. She's insecure, but wants to secure a relationship with someone, but is scared of who she really is.

    • She does have PTSD from childhood trauma. She can never be single. She's afraid of being alone

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    • Or she was diagnosed and rather than face it said it was a misdiagnosis. One of my sisters was diagnosed when we were younger. When she's off her meds everyone else is the problem nothing wrong with her.

    • That's how she is too. She keeps talking about how everyone is an idiot except her. She ended a friendship with her best friend and says it's because he failed at courting her. According to him it's because he was sick of her using him. When she's single she would sleep with him and lead him on. Then flirt with other guys until she had a new bf.

  • Because they're insecure and scared that men won't like who they really are.

  • I'd assume that you try to find some enjoyment in the things that the person you are dating enjoys.

  • why do you caaaaare? lol let her try to find love lol