Im insecure about my boobs?

My boyfriend are gonna have sex again tomorow and ho told me not to wear a bra under this tight black dress and he's seen me naked but never in clothes with out a bra and i feel like it makes my boobs look really small and he's always talking about how big yhey are and im really nervouse that he won't like them anymore it just makes me realy insecure

I aske him if it was ok if i wore a bra andhe said of course but now i fee like im letting him down and he's not going to be as happy im the worst girlfriend ever


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  • just be confident in yourself... if he really loves you he will accept you as you are

    • Wow really love each other? Excessive much? They're under 18. They're sex buddies clearly.

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    • @asker you are only going to that response because you have no logically argument to use to refute my statement because it is logically sound.

      If you look at the statistics of couples in middle school or high school and how many actually got married to each other or even stayed together as adults it would prove my previous statement true.

      Also in middle school and high school being in a relationship is more of a social status and yay sex when I want it thing then an actual I have feelings for this person.

      To make my comment relevant to the question:
      Don't worry about it I would guess you are between 14-16 years old so other girls your age would also have small boobs.

    • We actually do care about each other and yeah the odds may be small tht we stay together but that dosbt mean there 0 and eef we dont stay with eachother doesn't mean we dont love each other


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  • boob size is exactly analogous to guys complaining about penis size. Whenever guys complain about penis size, naturally girls tell them to stop worrying about such petty things. Therefore, since they're analogous, stop worrying about such petty things.

  • What the f. You are insecure about your boobs. WOOOOOOW at least you get to have sex. Geeez and your boobs shouldn't effect him anyway


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  • don't feel insecure! I think my boobs are small and my boyfriend always laughs at me for it because he thinks they're big so there's that. But you also shouldn't worry about it! He obviously likes you and is attracted to you for who you are and he likes how you look trust me there's nothing to worry about! Don't do that to yourself it's pointless trust me

  • If he loves you, he'll accept you for who you are and your insecurities.

    • and women are not this way lol

    • Yes they are. If my boyfriend was insecure about something, I would probably just try to be nice about it. None of us are perfect.

  • If he wants to see you like that then I can assure you he'll like it