I drunk texted him last night... stupid decision! What do I do from here?

We both have feelings for each other. He is dealing with so much on his plate that the timing for all of this just isn't good.

He's come to my work to give me our first kiss because he said he couldn't wait any longer. He works nights right now and he came by my house after work to get another kiss and to tell me good morning. He's perfect for me!

His dad is terminally ill right now and I want to be there to support him but he keeps telling me that it wouldn't be fair to me to drag me into everything going on right now. But I want in! I want to be there to help in any way that I can. So, he told me no, which all I can do is accept that.

Last night I drunk texted him saying "I know you want your space right now but I really need some of your kisses. I know you don't want a relationship right now but I can't help how I feel." He read that but he didn't reply. And I don't expect him to. I wish I could take that text back! I'm assuming I should just leave it alone and not try to recover from that? Cause even though I was drunk, I really do feel that way sober.


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  • do not text him back ever again... make the time make it go away


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  • Either you tell him you were drunk


    Continue respecting his space and give him time to come back.

  • Explain what happened. Tell him that although you were drunk, that is actually how you feel but you're sorry for what you said because you don't want to be the cause of any more complications

  • Go to his plase and tell everything you have to say in his face. I personaly hate when feelings are sent by messages. That is the best way, in my opinion, to see what you are at. Best wishes for a nice relationship


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