Am I in the friend ZONE or is there a chance?

There is a very beautiful woman I am very good friends with and she pursued the friendship with me, we worked together but had never spoken to each other at work, and had been dating someone else we worked with, that was cheating on her. I was in a open relationship with a women at this point for the past 2 1/2 years and it was fizzing out. She is 9 years younger than me, we ended up talking a lot and spending a lot of time together. She is very open about telling me about her sexual desire, and has always been interested in who's been in my bed. She was talking about finding a friend with benefits at one point, so I offered to be that friend. She shot me down saying I am just too good of a friend. We recently was asked at separate times by a mutual friend why we just didn't get together. One night she was over and I was cooking dinner for us, she brought up that this friend had asked her why we weren't. I took it that she wanted to discuss it, and told her what I said, which was, I didn't rule it out but thought she had a lot of things to work out first, and maybe in the future something could happen. She shrugged and said, " Maybe" and sat down in the living room. She moved back home, the last night we hung out before she moves we got very drunk and I asked her directly to sleep with me, stupid. I of coarse was shot down again. She came back to town for V Day weekend and we spent most of the weekend with our mutual friends. She stayed at my place and slept next to me both night she was here. Nothing happened, but I realized as she laid there looking ridiculously beautiful, that I really do have feeling for her. Shit! I am in the friends zone I fear and am ready to come out of it! We both have people on the side but no interest in a relationship, and she always makes it clear to me when she is dating someone that she doesn't want them. She's the kind of girl that likes to be chased and I do not do that. I didn't want her to leave. I don't know if I have chance now?


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  • If she's single, and feels tge sane, there's a chance.


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  • She's said "no" a bunch of times. If you keep asking, you're moving into "jerk" territory, and no one wants that >< If you have to ask again, make it a last time, and then... you'll have to move on :/ You could let her know that if she changes her mind you'd be open, but you won't bother her any more, but then you have to follow through. It'll be hard.