How to get a boyfriend?

I'm told I'm pretty , I'm smart , athletic and talented but socially I'm quiet person I'm not outgoing and I guess I look serious /mean. how do I get a boyfriend its just really bothering that I can't get a guy and no I'm not picky . I have social anxiety too lol tips?


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  • Just be yourself we hate liars people view guys as te hard assses of society but really were just as sensitive as girls are so when you meet a guy you like make quick glances at him when he looks at you hold eye contact and smile if he smiles back he's probably interested then talk to him ask him what he's interested and find something you have in common then break the touch barrier put your hand in his shoulder or something when you talk then ask for his number and take it from there👍


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  • Same way every one else does. You meet someone at school, at a coffee shop, on line, etc and you hit it off, go out together have some fun and next thing you know, your dating. It's a process, and doesn't happen overnight (usually) but you have to present yourself as being approachable if you seem off or distant then no one will talk to you. Smile, and flirt a little. Be yourself and make eye contact and smile. It usually works.

  • You just answered your own question! I usually go up to anyone and talk to them but if they look serious or mean, I move onto the next person!

    You have to look approachable! I had the same problem when I was younger where everyone said I look "serious" all the time. So I started smiling and everyone was talking to me!


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