What Should I Do About This Guy?

There's this guy that I like. last time I saw him was January 28th. he invited me over to his house. we hung out and talked. he kept hugging me and trying to cuddle with me. we ended up hooking up about three times that night. i came at 7pm and left at 2am. i was shocked because his parents are alcoholics and his dad is legit PHYSCO so it was crazy that he actually didn't mind me being over. im usually over when his dad isn't home. only his mom. its been 2 weeks and 8 days since I last saw him and everyone I ask him to hang out it seems like he makes up some excuse. the other day he told me that he was hanging out with his friend before his friend gets 10 years in jail. i thought that was pretty funny. but also a lie. he just recently added some girl on his fb page. and they both work together. well my friend told the girl that he was messing around with me. the girl went back and told him. he got mad and told me that my friend was telling people from his work that he's a cheater. i said a cheater? you have a gf now? he said I know fml. i said ok that's crazy. he said what I said that you have a gf. and he said your the way your friend cyber stalks me I should have one. well today I messaged him and he didn't say anything back. is he messing around with this girl? is he dating this girl? should I just ignore him? do you think he'll be back around? need help.


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  • He just wanted to get in your pants not trying to be mean but that's the truth


What Girls Said 1

  • How long have you known him? Does he like you back?

    I think you're either a booty call or his dad interferes with his life since he's psycho.