Rereading prior text messages - do you do it? If so, why do you think that is?

The interesting thing about G@G is we share opinions across generations. For some, things like microwave ovens, computers, the Internet and cell phones have the perception of being around throughout their lives, for others the "before" and "after" for these technologies are still in their memories. ----> (skip to here if you don't like to read) ---> As a relatively new convert to text messaging I'm wondering, how many people go back through and read prior text messages and what are your motivations for doing so?


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  • bad idea. I avoid that. try to delete them after awhile.

    • Why is it bad? I tend to get ones I really enjoy. I re-read can be re... Inspiring. (c;

    • true. I delete the upsetting and confusing ones asap.

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  • Used to when my relationship ended to see all the happy times but not anymore still painful to read

    • I'm sorry. Relationships take the mundane and move it to something more exciting. Hopefully the excitement returns to something positive for you soon.

    • Thank you :)

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