TINDER: can I avoid people I know from school?

I've been wanting to use Tinder for a while now. I'm 18 so I feel like I'm old enough to use it. The only problem is I don't want anyone from school or work to see my pictures, because I don't want to be caught using it.

I'm embarrassed; that's the reason.

So for those of you who use Tinder or know the app pretty well... is there a way where I can avoid people in my area? I know that somewhat destroys the point of the app (you're matched with people in your area if I'm not mistaken) but I just wanna do this so I can see if any cute guys think I'm decent looking. I'm just looking for a confidence booster haha... thanks.


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  • I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. Dont use Tinder.

    • Why not?

    • You are too young and it can be a dangerous app as younare hooking up woth who knows who and who knows what they have. I understand that you just want peoplento pick younfor a boost but I would try it there as you might get rapped uo in that world of people who will end up as sad losers in their life.

    • Would t*


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  • if you are embarrassed to use tinder you are not ready for it. weather you want to find a boyfriend or just someone to hook up with

  • If you get on Tinder you won't be able to avoid anyone at your school if they are on Tinder. If you're lucky they'll never see you account. If you are embarrassed either don't get on or use a fake name and a picture they've never seen.

  • Hay baby, im right here ;3
    Kum and get meh 😘


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  • I'm not sure how it works..
    But maybe enter your location as somewhere else? And it'll show peoe from there.