What is wrong with this guy? Pls help me figure out?

(A bit large story) There's this guy Alex, he's a year younger than me. Actually I don't talk to him a lot, only that horrible convo. I had a crush on him but now I just see him as a friend. But once he just came to me from nowhere and hugged me for about a minute, no words, just holding me tight, it was cute but weird.
We stopped talking for a while and now that we are starting a new semester I got a boyfriend, who made a hickey on my neck so I had to use a scarf the whole class and I was literally melting, I wanted to take it off but I couldn't bc of obvious reasons. Last Monday I was in class of PE, he was just walking by the edge of the court and sitted on a bench, and i was like two steps away from him talking with two of my friends, and I couldn't handle anymore the scarf so I took it off and covered it with my hair. The I turned my head and he said "hi" and I said "hi, are you gonna have PE after this hour?" And he said "yeah" so I just did this face :/ and turned back to talk with my friends, but Alex grabbed my arm an pulled me near him to say hi and kiss my cheek, he hugged me again for too long and he said "how are you?"But he was with his hands holding my arms. I said "I'm fine thanks" and I smiled, then he asked "what did you do on the weekend?" (Which was Valentine's Day) And I said "oh you know, stuff, stuff that shouldn't have happened" and then he said "what did you do?" But while that time I was covering my hickey with my hand and hair so he said "are you okay" so I said "oh yeah it's just... nothing" I smiled. So he was staring at it so I took my hand away so he could see the hickey. He got alarmed like truly worried and he asked "what happened to you?" So I just smiled a little, and then he figured out it was a Hickey, so he said "oh its a hickey" and I said yes. Then the bell sounded and I had to run so I said bye. But since then when I want to say hi to him he evades me. I did nothing to him. Please help me figure out his new behavior :'(


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  • Maybe he has been nursing a crush on you? If so, he missed his chance, and if he's taking it hard... well, he'll get over it; it's not your place to solve that for him. (don't lead him on, of course)


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  • You're damaged goods to him now. He sounded like a psychopath from the way you described his earlier behaviour anyway.

  • Weird... probably he had hopes with you. I can't be sure but this is what it looks like.

  • Well he haves for sure a crush on you i have my arguments


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