Guys on vday gifts or no?

So all my friends celebrated vday by their mate ( the guy) taking them out, spending money on them, buying them things etc. But when I ask my friends what did you for him? They never respond postive its always why do I have to do something or what do you mean. I honestly do not think that is fair. For vday my husband and I spilt the day in half or we get separte days. I buy and do for him just like he buy for me. We apprechaite eachother the same. I don't think its fair for the guy to not get anything because he is a guy. So my question is girls do you buy ur guy anything for vday? And guys do you get anything for vday if not how do it make you fill?


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  • Its not fair at all. Its a Two way street you get the girl something and the girl gets the guy something.


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