Attracted to someone I feel I shouldn't be. Am I enough for him?

I've fallen for someone who's the exact opposite of everything I thought I wanted. He's wealthy (I despise money), fairly posh (boarding school then Ivy League) and his goal is to own a yacht. I teach kindergarten. I feel like I'm not enough for him, and he's not what I should want. I don't find hd himself intimidating, but rather the idea of him. He's only dated super successful women before. We get along extremely well and appear to get each other. Are obstacles like this really obstacles, or is it just all my own hang ups.

He's also an atheist. I go to church. But there's something about him which makes me think he's who Im supposed to be with.


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  • Maybe he's not enough for you. Sometimes I meet girls that are totally different from what I'm usually attracted to and I feel like they might be better for me. I realize later it was just because they were different and my only interest in them came from the attention and interest they showed in me. When I pursue them I find out I adjust things about myself little by little so I can feel comfortable around them and soon I turn into someone else. I know people say opposites attract but there's a point where people can be too opposite. Without knowing more about him I would say a yacht lover doesn't deserve you.


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  • You're mentioning all external shit.

    Look deeper. Look at his morals and integrity. Are they of high quality? If so, you're fine.

    • I know I'm focusing on all the stuff that doesn't matter.
      It's just that we seem to be from different worlds and I'm scared that I'm not enough. I Know it's all my own stuff, my own insecurities. But sometimes it's hard to look past.

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  • get to know him. you might be pleasantly surprised. you may be sensing something beneath the surface that the two could connect on.