What does it mean if the guy I work with (who I also have a crush on) only tends to talk to me when no one else is around?

He'll say hello and the usual kinda things, however whenever I'm on my own he'll stay and chat.. What could it mean?


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  • He's nervous to show his feeling in front of others


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  • He likes intimacy he trusts in you but just in you and he likest to chat with privacy


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  • Same with the guy I work with. We usually talk when were in his room at work. He does however hold a door for me if I'm carrying things and says hi and whatever. But usually we talk more when were by our selves. I'm confused too.

    • It sucks, doesn't it? :( When we're on the phone, he tends to keep a bit of conversation too.. I'm always just so awkward so I can't keep it going for long though!

    • Sounds exactly like me. Sometimes I don't know what to be saying and it gets awkward but usually he makes jokes to lighten the mood and I'm back talking again. It sucks because I'm frustrated as to why he does it only when we alone.

    • I know... I mean, I think I prefer it purely because I can be myself and I'm just making a fool out of myself in front of him! But at the same time, i think if he does actually like me... I'd want someone to notice and actually say 'Oh hey, i think he likes you' you know?